Rules & Regulations

Please read rules carefully before accept.

Rules that members should be aware of

  • The applicant should be an artist. Applicants must be related to any art form

  • Any woman, man or third gender who has attained the age of 18 years and is an Indian citizen and has a quiet mind can apply for membership.

  • Those who are currently residing in Kerala and their parents are Keralites and their children can apply for membership in any Colion working in other states or in foreign countries in connection with artistic activities.

  • Membership fee of Rs.300 / - (Rs. 300) should be submitted along with the application. (DD, Check, Online Payment, Google Pay. Cash). In addition, the amount currently fixed as monthly fee has to be paid in the respective month.

  • The organization reserves the right to invalidate the membership if it is found to be incorrect at any point in the affidavit submitted with the membership application.

  • The organization has the right to consider, accept or reject the membership application.

  • Benefits received from the organization or from the government through the organization will be ineligible only after three months of membership in the organization.

  • Anyone who is currently a member of any organization can apply for membership in this organization.

  • Individuals convicted in any civil or criminal case, defendant in a criminal case or facing trial in any court proceedings are not eligible to apply for membership in the organization.

  • Members should not, under any circumstances, promote the dangers of alcohol and drugs, which are contrary to human consumption culture.

  • Membership of members who are in arrears for three consecutive months will be suspended.

  • Members should work with each other in love, trust and cooperation.

  • Monthly and other allocations will be revised as per the development activities taking place from time to time.

  • The Organization reserves the right to suspend or revoke the membership of any member / member who acts contrary to the existing rules of the organization or incites others to act.

  • In case of suspension or cancellation of membership, you will not be entitled to any benefits from the organization.

  • The arts and artists have a key role to play in realizing equality and social justice.

  • Treat women and children with family respect, love, in particular

  • Members should not blame each other or commit personal homicide or insult or denigrate each other's abilities.

  • Pictures and videos that are anti-national or immoral should not be posted on websites, public pages or private pages.

  • Everything is against to cyber laws