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Rules that members should be aware of

  • This trust is open to any citizen, male or female transgender person who has attained the age of 18 years and is as an Indian citizen.

  • Malayalee artists residing in other states or abroad related to the field of art and culture can also join this trust.

  • Applicants must be artists, and only the arts and artists can achieve a sense of equality and social justice.To build a new society, one must love and respect art and artists and be a member who treats all artists as brothers and sisters, regardless of political caste, creed or color! Treat and speak with respect to women and do not make any kind of accusations or insults against them

  • Members should not blame each other.

  • Artists are those who prioritize social good

  • All members are responsible for identifying and assisting unknown and disadvantaged artists and providing valuable role models.

  • Posts, videos and images posted on the public and private pages of the website should not be anti-national or immoral but may be posted as displayable (subject to all cyber laws).

  • Organizational members should not promote things like alcohol and drugs that are against the culture of human consumption

  • Membership Fee Monthly Other Allocations will be renewed by the Trust in accordance with the development activities from time to time.

  • After reviewing and passing the applications, the membership should be confirmed by receiving the receipt of payment of membership fee and other contributions at the time of informing the applicants.

  • Monthly subscription A member who fails for 3 consecutive months will not receive any potential benefits from the organization.

  • If a member / member interferes or behaves in a hostile manner towards the general running of the trust, the approval of such person will be frozen and removed from office if such facts are proved.

  • Legal action will be taken against or expelled from the organization if it is found guilty of committing anti-organizational activities, forming a parallel organization, committing crimes, facing trial in court or betraying our organization.

  • Members who act contrary to this Constitution may be required to provide a written explanation and those who do not respond within the stipulated time and unsatisfactory answers may be expelled in view of the existence and unity of the other members and the Trust.

  • Artists who are not members of the organization do not receive any financial benefits from the organization. The organization will stand for the well-being of the members to help the members and be a helping hand to them

  • All members will be obliged to abide by these terms and conditions and the entire system literally