The Akhila Kerala Kala Samskarika Kootayma (AKKSK) is an organization formed to bring together all categories of artists and unorganized artists working in various fields of art under one umbrella and to raise their voices for their needs and rights. This is the first time in Kerala that an organization of artists has been legally registered.

The uniqueness of this community is that it does not allow anyone to be discriminated against, insulted or abused in the name of art groups or to be seen on many levels.

Its aim is to create a pure and vibrant art culture through mutual communication.

  • Establish cultural centers for the preservation of endangered art forms in each region and establish cultural centers in various parts of the State for the preservation of ancient and ritual temples, heritage folk art, musical instruments, folklore and antiquity for the benefit of future generations.
  • Every effort will be made to bring all artists from all walks of life, both unknown and neglected, into the mainstream of art and society, despite their extraordinary talents in the field of art and culture.
  • Prepare and submit to the concerned departments and Central and State Governments the projects and reports required to address the socio-economic disadvantages of artists working in the field of arts and culture.
  • To initiate suitable projects by accepting grants and loans from various Industries Departments of the Central and State Governments, Government and other Economic Development Agencies for the formulation and implementation of schemes for the occupational and financial security of the members, and to organize the collection and marketing of chronological instruments and their products.
  • Form a service cooperative for artists.
  • Provide assistance and care to artists who are homeless, sick, or financially distressed. Establish and operate livable Sanatana Mathas for orphaned artists.
  • Establish and implement centers for health care and mental well-being, yoga, martial arts, Ayurvedic traditional naturopathy, sports, dance, musical instrument training, literary and cultural discussions as well as awareness programs for members on nature conservation.
  • To deter the youth from social ills like alcohol and drugs and to provide necessary awareness / counseling.
  • Encourage and enable members to make great donations such as blood donation, eye donation and organ donation.
  • Establish a universal encyclopedia of all the art forms of the state.
  • As part of the implementation of the organization's projects, movable and immovable property and vehicles can be purchased, purchased, leased or donated in the name of the organization anywhere in India.

We are now in a state of insecurity created by disease. It is also an opportunity to start a new era. Its first mark of meaning should be that of the artist. Science can see man as more human than anything else, to ensure a sense of equality and social justice, and to see the ideology of art.The need for art to be a scientific subject is imperative. For that, art and culture awareness should start from schools. This is because children receive equal justice and consideration through love and friendship.Children who acquire a sense of equality, a sense of nation building and a sense of philanthropy can be empowered to build a new society. Thus it can be said without any doubt that with the integrity of knowledge, this community will be able to discover and put into practice the infinite possibilities for the arts and artists.

May this community be the beginning of our quest to mold a future generation that combines thought and creativity.


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